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Are construction plans being talked about? Take our construction projects to our professionals and we will bring it to life. Here at Rony’s Home Improvements Inc. we specialize in construction services. Get in touch with us today and schedule your appointment.


Do you need assistance with a book shelf? Do your cabinets require work? When it comes to your carpentry needs there are only a few carpenters you can depend on, and that is us. Here at Rony’s Home Improvements we specialize in top of the line carpentry services at low prices.


Why settle for an outdated property- or a property that is dull in its design? Renovate your estate from top to bottom with unique and vivid designs that will bring modern touches to your estate. Get in touch with the professionals at Rony’s Home Improvements.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are built for different purposes but among those functions we find aesthetic reason and erosion fighting features. Here at Rony’s Home Improvements we offer high class retaining walls that keep your soil in place and add accent to even the outskirts of your landscape.

Wood Floors

Wood floors are beautiful and they add great value to an estate. Get outstanding wood floors installed in your residential or commercial property. Here at Rony’s Home Improvements we take great pride in installing quality wood floors at prices that fit our client’s budgets.

Marble Tile

If you want to add a polished and refined look to your residential or commercial property, work with the professionals at Rony’s Home Improvements. Rony’s Home Improvements installs high class marble tile to different areas of your estate at a price that accommodated your budget.


Your roof should always be one you can completely depend on. A roof should be beautiful, long lasting, and strong- when your roofing is handled by Rony’s Home Improvements Inc. your roof is all of that and much more. Contact us today for high class roofing.

Patio & Decks

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor living areas. Here at Rony’s Home Improvements we specialize in patio and deck installations. We work with a wide array of patio and decks designs and styles that are ideal for creating of your patio a relaxing area, entertainment space, and more.


A gutter has the function of protecting your property’s foundation from water. Get your gutter installed to your property so it can channel away water from your exterior walls, roof, and more. Imagine never having to worry about attic floods- with a gutter from Rony’s Home Improvements Inc. it is possible.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Renovate your kitchen and innovate your bathroom with top of the line designs and appliances. Here at Rony’s Home Improvements we offer the best cabinets, flooring, vanities, lighting designs, islands, and more for these particular areas of your property. Let’s start renovating. Call us now.


Our mission ay Rony’s Home Improvement Inc. is to assist both residential and commercial clients in the region with the best home improvement services and hence establish long term partnerships.


Our vision at Rony’s Home Improvement Inc. is to be the most recognized construction and renovation services in the area thus expanding our area of coverage as years progress.

Why Choose Us

If you want your projects to be completed on time, in excellence, and at a price that fits your budget, then leave your home improvements to the professionals at Rony’s Home Improvements.